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Ebony dominatrice Paris welcomes you to her dungeon

Mistress was on the phone throughout the morning, you notice her speaking, laughing.She rings the bell to summon you. You walk briskly to her in the sitting room, kneeling, eyes down, hands behind the back of yours, palms away, silence......She informs you to stand, bend over and show her the ass of yours, you oblige, she determines to ensure your butt plug is protected, she drives on the starting hard, you realize to not shift though you are feeling the length inside hit
outsole. Very great slave, kneel at the legs of mine, you kneel entirely protocol as required.

Femdom France Escort Dominates You

She describes to you that visitors is arriving tonight, they'll be taking their very own female plus slaves.....male, "I have someone visiting serve dinner, you won't be asked to do it tonight, I've other items planned for you my sweet darling slave boy". "This boy is arriving shortly, when he does, she orders you to take him to her. I've used him before for people, he understands me really well and he will not need much
instruction, thank goodness..

She bends forward a bit, flicks those nasty clamps again, you groan loudly, MIstress laughs and kisses you long and also hard. "Do you wish me", she asks? "Oh, yes, MIstress, I should be with you constantly to deliver your every like and also desire", you reply. "You are going to have showing me just how much you would like me, servant boy, show it to me". Sure, Mistress you reply, whatever you would like, I am going to do, I'll provide you.......

MIstress sits back and relaxes again,telling you to stand before her, " I wish to review your entire pathetic entire body for just a bit", she replies, staring at every inch of you. YOu stand, wondering, you have not been punished at all these days, nothing. When will this occur, she loves trying to keep you wondering.

Have you filled a jar with your urine but she asks? No Mistress, I have not, you answer. "You aren"t doing really well then she replies, you have to consume more often, I would like you to drink 3 twelve oz cups of drinking water every hour today. When the houseboy arrives, he is going to feed you. You're permitted to work with the hands of yours to consume these days, I am in a comfortable mood". "Yes Ma'am", you reply.Go obtain the water of yours for me a cup of tea,slave.... hurry...

You speed off plus get back fast with the water of yours and Ma'am's tea. "Now I would like you to consume that water straight down for me, slave", now, she orders.. YOu consume it all, fast, never ever stopping until all is gone. You've simply been allowed water in almost all these days, you've trimmed down significantly however, you much time for a beer, a soda actually, maybe soon enough.

"Get yourself an additional cup of return and also water to me, dont dawdle boy". You once again obtain one more cup of water and also return standing before Mistress awaiting orders, "drink it slave", she orders. You consume while not as fast as the very first one, you're getting full, bloated already..MIstress sips the tea of her, watching, that was repeated 3 even more times, you've never ever drank a lot in such a quick time period, an additional test to

The inevitable coming, you request authorization to relieve yourself, she's a jar waiting, flooring the floor behind the seat of her, she orders you to acquire it, to stand before her and also relieve yourself. You go for what appears to be a great deal of time period, Mistress watching although very quiet, you're amazed to look at you just about loaded that jar at one shot. Mistress does know what she's speaking about, she should be saving the urine of yours for the
party tonight..

MIstress explains, "You can see precisely what I've intended, I wish one jar per hour given to me of the urine of yours, right now lie down, I require something". When lying down, Mistress, walking over to you, she sits on your face," Now do a new chore ,slave boy" she states, You lick and lick, tickling her clit then quickly placing your tongue deep inside her, gliding over each side of the inside of her, she reads a guide as you pleasure her only stopping when closer to climax, panting, moaning, and ultimately the river will come, you drinking gulping most of it and then begin licking again...... and again.

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